Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

It's past 2 weeks into 2012.

I have been lazy about money making related things - spent the past 3, 4 weeks doing things that pleased no one but just myself.

Naturally, it was quite difficult to show down right away, after 4 extremely busy months. 4 busy months of keeping myself up for my part-time teaching job, my freelance design illustration job, & the charity book for 311 Earthquake and Tsunami.

But nonetheless, now I could finally reach the kind of quietness that I feel comfortable in my life. I could spend time with the people I like and also my girlfriend.

I believed I have made another major step on the development of my personal life and my drawing life in 2011.
2011 年にやったことは、自分の人生にも、私の絵の人生にも、大切な一年になったと思います。

I believe 2012 will be the year for myself to take a step back and have a more sustainable approach.

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